How to travel the world cheap within your budget?

  • Author: Kampot Sak
  • Published Date: January 14, 2023
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How To Travel The World Cheap? You need not wait to get rich to travel around the world and how to travel the world cheap by giving priority to what places are important to see and what you wish to see. Before traveling just think for a moment whether you want to travel, if you are reading this article then obviously you need to travel. Here are a few things which will guide you in identifying how to travel the world cheaply? The first and foremost thing that you want to consider before traveling is to prioritize your travel, the places you wanted to visit, and the most famous places in the world. You can think of saving some money and look towards the best strategy for saving money on the next trip. Even if you have a lot to spend there is no necessity in using all the money on unnecessary travel. The traveling budget is also the same as your regular budget and all can afford to travel for cheap.

how to travel the world cheap

Eight steps of planning a World Trip:

  • Save for travel
  • Build a Realistic Trip Budget
  • Plan your trip around the world route
  • Pick the right travel insurance
  • Pack your essentials for long-term world travel
  • Work then there while traveling to save money
  • Stay healthy and eat healthy foods
  • Browse free destination guides
  • Cheap Travel Destinations
  1. Decide what you need- and what you cannot live without:

Pack the necessities for your travel, if you are taking medications you can take those medicines, some packed foods, and water.

  • Join a travel program:

There are many travel programs which tell us how to travel the world cheaply? And the travel program is switching to revenue-based loyalty programs, in this type of program, you can earn points based on how much you can spend in spite of how many miles you fly. If you are new to the program you may be able to earn tens of thousands of bonus points for just opening the travel rewards credit card.  This type of travel program is not limited only to a particular type of sector, it applies to airlines, hotels, etc. you can also increase the loyalty points by a variety of purchases.

  • Do some research to find the lowest airfare and hotel rent to stay:

If you are planning to travel overseas then definitely you need to look upon the airfare, that’s the easiest way of saving money, and keep in mind that the experience of flying is directly proportional to the flight which you choose and the amount that you have paid. Initially, you can start with Google Flights because it will show you how much you can save on a ticket, in this, not all the airlines are listed so you need to still look for the best deal. Cheap flights are available for more than 200 countries. Especially Europe has the best budget airlines, some airlines in Europe offer budget fares from the east and the west coast to destinations all over the world. Familiarize yourself with the airports and the destination where you have to go, the largest cities used to have multiple options. Limit you’re packing so that luggage fees will be reduced, make sure the luggage includes in your ticket so that you need not pay any extra money.

  • Find  a free place to stay:

If you have your family or friends in the place where you are going to visit, ask them for a couch or spare bed, it is better to stay in your relatives’ home because they will help you with many interesting places that they know. They will guide in visiting the places what to see, and what not to. Even though if you are not having anyone in the place where you are visiting it is totally fine, there are various online sites that help you in choosing the free accommodation. You might have heard about Couch Surfing wherein you can find a free bed or space on the floor to sleep. You can annual membership in Mind My House at a minimum charge of $20, which can connect you to over 18,000 homeowners across the globe. House swapping is also another option, there are various swapping websites such as Home Exchange, Love Home Swap, Home link, etc.

You will also leave an empty space when you plan to travel and in those cases you need not let it stay empty you can take the advantage of Airbnb. In Airbnb you can list your space wherein you can earn a considerable amount, this will also help in finding your dream adventure.

  • Have access to the kitchen:

Wherever you plan to stay make sure you have an access to a kitchen, use that to save money, and spend it while you are traveling, the experience of travel is the top priority.

Travel frees you from the daily routine from the work stress, you can explore new places, meet new people, try new foods, and you can learn more things, the only thing you need to consider or keep in mind is that how to travel the world with no money? Here are some tips to do when you are going to a new place, walk in the streets of a city, chat with the local people there, look the atmosphere of the city, walk to a top hill and watch the sunset, no budget or target is required for this wonderful experience. Keep your needs to a minimum level because the essential thing to survive is always easy to obtain, such as fresh air, healthy food, clean water, exercise, creative stimulation, companionship, self-esteem, and a safe place to sleep. Here the time of our life is also free, one must understand that time is not money, so when you plan to travel for a least-cost instead of choosing the airplane, you can use the sailboat to explore the adventure, your bike to go out of the city, the slower you travel the less money you will spend. Before you travel forget the possession and obsessions behind you, there is no need for a car, oven to cook, forget about your laundry, and you need not worry about paying bills. You can enjoy your free time. Many people are willing to open their homes for travelers, if you trust people you can make use of that advantage, sometimes they will offer you a free meal too.

Here are some tips from the experienced travelers:

Planning is the first step which can help you from any problem while traveling, don’t always stick to one plan try to have at least two plans, it will be very much helpful to you whenever you are facing some troubles in your travel. Do some research and plan your trip strategically. Browse for a lot of travel sites and look for the offers which can help you in saving money. If you are using some online tools you will be able to receive notifications if there is any good offer. To know more about the best deals you can add your mail address to. There are few travel companies for students wherein they offer lots of money-saving programs to the students, they also provide useful tips for a safe journey or they will provide a link to download a useful app, to protect your customer rights they will provide the insurance. You can save your money if you book your hotel room and flight together which is not applicable if you are booking separately. If you are going before or after the season of a particular place you can reduce most of the expenses. Avoid expensive airfares and choose a low-cost airline, if you are a student who is willing to travel you can get an International student identity which is recognized in 120 countries.

What is the cheapest country to visit?

There are many cheap countries to travel, you can afford these amazing countries without breaking your account. You might also think where “I want to travel the world where do I start? or “How To Travel The World Cheap” I would say it is completely based on your opinion. The ten cheapest countries to travel are:

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Thailand
  3. Laos
  4. Mexico
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. Romania
  7. Indonesia
  8. Albania
  9. Portugal
  10. Nepal

How much should I budget to travel around the world?

How To Travel The World Cheap? Creating an accurate and anticipated budget for your world tour is one of the important steps to plan for a year, each person will have different taste and preference and also different goals to accomplish, be specific when you are planning your budget, and this significant preference can create some differences in the total costs.

World trip is not that expensive as you think, here is the answer for this generally it would take $20,000 is the baseline cost for a trip around the world, this budget includes $50 to spend every day on the road and allows additional budget for flights. If you are a person who is looking for the best hotels and atmosphere you can spend up to $30,000. If you are traveling with your family or friends the cost will not double or triple, because it will become a shared expense. Luxury travel will costs up to $40,000 to $50,000. When I came across various travelers’ reviews about their world trip many had shared their experience in which one traveler had mentioned that for his personal round the world trip, he traveled for about 365 days through 15 countries and he had spent only $17,985. Now let’s see the separate expenses for each purpose, Flights will cost around $3,577.40, and the lodging will cost up to $3,130.77, food will cost high because we used to have when we are hungry, it will cost $2,820.11, activities and entertainment cost $3,613.18, transportation cost is $1,943, Visa and Pre-Trip Travel Gear total costs up to $734.50, extra costs rounds to $493.33.

Cheap Travel Destinations

how to travel the world cheap

To save money we must choose the route where you are traveling to, select a few places and the most important places so that you can reduce some time and money.  Next, we can look how we can travel for free and also earn while traveling, the first one is to teach abroad wherein you can earn a lot of money because there are thousands of international schools all over the world looking for qualified English-speaking employees, from IT specialists to administrators to teachers of all specialties. Next comes the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, farming is mostly the seasonal work and farmers do need seasonal help. They also provide an abundance of space, housing, and food. You must work on maximizing the credit card rewards which can help you in purchasing free flights by purchasing in your credit cards. Many offer free discounted companion vouchers every year, some credit cards and partner airlines offer double or triple rewards based on higher value for booking flights. Hostels and other stay options are available in plenty, there are plenty of beds available and in exchange for work, they offer money and food. There are many employers too who provide free housing and food for a short period of time.

The Peace Corps will give you amazingly rewarding opportunities to live for many years in a community and these organizations needs a committed volunteer. The Peace Corps is a global organization, they do an outstanding job of keeping their aim on the grass-root level. This organization requires 27-month dedication and 3 months of training and 2 years in the field. So make sure you are committed to this organization for about 27 months. You can organize your own Short-Term Organized Volunteering, you can also do a house sit or a pet sit, and we have the option to do a Hosing Swap. Cheap Travel is good for you as well as your wallet and this can give you a different experience of discovering a new place in the luxury experience. You need not think about money for exploring places.

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