Japan tourist attractions – Top 15 places you should never miss out

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Are you a travel lover? Who travels a lot to admire the most beautiful places in the god gifted world then don’t miss to travel to Japan. Make a perfect plan and budget to start your Japan tour and you will get a fabulous feel over the trip. In case, if you are not having a plan to Japan, Sorry, unfortunately, you have missed out on a great traveling destination that makes you feel that nothing more in life! Started to think about what the country holds and why it is an iconic destination for all types of travelers? Stay excited to know all interesting facts about traveling to Japan tourist attractions and continue further to make yourself easy to breathe a little longer!

Japan is described as a “surprise-filled backpack” by all travelers it is a fact that there are several exciting and awesome things available in Japan. Especially you can find gorgeous gardens, palaces, splendid sparked mountains, Temple shrines, and lots and lots of natural binding plays in the land of Japan which makes all travelers wonder the eternal beauty of Japan. 

What are the famous places in Japan?

japan tourist attractions

However, the traveling destination is interesting it can be a perfect travel trip only if you do visit famous attractive spots that say more about the travel land and also travelers to be well known what to do in a specific place? What is a specialty in there? How to make the entire trip memorable enough? So if you are planning to take a vacation trip to Japan get to know about the most attractive places there and things that need to be done there. Don’t find time for it, getaway all tensions and searching works here you are given with the topmost attractive places in Japan which can never be missed out during your travel to Japan. Even though, if you visit the right place it would be wise only when you reach them at right time. So get to know the topmost Japan tourist attractions place along with the best timing for visit and make your travel memorable one. 

Never miss out these places to visit in your japan tourist attractions:

If you are planning to make a trip to Japan then make sure to choose perfect places to visit there that too at right time. To check that if you do search for the same there would be plenty of Japan tourist spots which makes you confuse enough. There is no limit for tourist spots as they have enormous natural beauties among all it is tough for you to pick specified places that make the trip wise. Do not get in a rush to search places, here check out below to know special places in the top 30 tourist attractions in Japan to make your entire travel filled with overload fun.

No 1 – Tokyo: 

It is known as a city that reflects the color of Japan, here you have endless places to visit that include historical places it doesn’t impress you, you have anime culture where tourist attractions in Tokyo are Disney land, Disney sea, sky tree, and the famous scramble crossing in Shibuya station. Here you can spend a lot of time in Tokyo towers, Meiji Shrine, shop in Odaiba. To reach out to this you have plenty of airlines.

No 2 – Kyoto:

It is a known scared city which is the most favorite destination spot for travelers is this city of shrine gardens & palaces! It is the right place to spend your vacation with family which gives an awesome treat to your eye. The main attractions here are the Kyoto imperial palace, philosopher’s walk, Fushimi-Inari Taisha shrine. 

  • Things to do – You can visit Kiyo Mizu temple, nijo castle, and to the famous kinkaku-Ji.

No 3 – Nara – Culture city:

This cultured city has a special place in Japan tourist attractions it remains to be home for adorable deers, temples, shrines, museums, famous Nara parks, monasteries, and more attractive things. You can experience and familiarized yourself with the culture and tradition of Japan here which makes them more special.

  • Things to do: You can visit Nara national museum, isuien garden, and have a friendly experience with deers at Nara-Koen Park.

No 4 – Mout Fuji:

If you are an adventure seeker then make sure to visit Ultimate Mountain Fuji, where you can have Official Mountain climbing that happens in July till the end of September. This one of the most visiting place in Japan

  • Things to do: Try out skiing, enjoy views of the mount. Fuji from the 5th station of subashiri and visit arakurayama Sengen Park.

No 5 – Hokkaido:

The place is one of the famous Japan tourist attractions which are well known for its volcanoes, skiing, hot springs, Japanese island which doesn’t fail to mesmerize you with their adobe nature beauty. It also an impeccable place for kids where they can explore the significance beauty of the blue pond, zoo, and a lot more places. 

  • Things to do – Get relaxed in hot spring, visit asahiyama zoo, farm Tomita, blue pond, and treat yourself with tasty seafood.
  • Best time to visit – During summer.

No 6 – Ishigaki:

This is the most trending Japan tourist attractions spot in 2020 this island gives you a unique experience with its glamming clear water bed. If you are a water lover this would be a perfect choice where you can enjoy peace with clear water, you can also visit kabira bay, Taketomi Island, and Ishigaki limestone cave.

  • Things to do – You can indulge in snorkeling, enjoy beach relax, and treat your taste buds with Ishigaki beef.
  • Best time to visit: Cherry blossom season

No 7 – Hiroshima – Historical City

This is a beautiful landscape of Japan before it is victimized for the atomic bomb still this place holds its monuments to reveal its history and be a major tourist place of Japan. The city also holds spending other attractions like the Itsukushima shrine, Hiroshima peace memorial park and museum, and castle. 

  • Things to do: You can visit the Mazda Museum, capture your presence at a stunning shukkeien garden, and try the local delicacy okonomiyaki.

No 8 – Sapporo:

This remains as a place of heaven for ski lovers, in Sapporo city, you can get rid of heat and humidity and explore winter wonderlands in the Sapporo annual festival show. The stunning gardens and plenty of snow sculptures would steal your eyes and heart! Here you can visit Moerenuma Park, the former Hokkaido command office, and enjoy the world-famous moiwa observation deck.

  • Things to do: Do a party in susukino, visit the Sapporo beer museum, and indulge local delicious at the curb market.

No 9 – Yakushima

If you are longing to have a wildlife experience then this place would be a great option for you to enjoy magical waterfalls, cedar forests, and much wildlife. This is one of the best Japan tourist attractions that worth spending time. You can enjoy senpirono falls, Jomon sugi, and explore the view of mount miyanoura.

  • Things to do: Kayaking in anbo river, enjoy the pleasant visit in an oko-no-Taki waterfall, and watch loggerhead turtles eggs laid.

No 10 – Hakuba:

Hakuba is a village famous for the winter sports hub which is outside the city of Nagano. Here you can find plenty of mountain resorts that offer exciting and incredible snow sports like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and a lot more. This remains to be a perfect destination spot in Japan sightseeing. The top attractions are gained by mount Shiroma, Hakuba harpooned winter resort, and Lake Aoki.

  • Things to do: Try out ski, visit Hakuba 47 winter sports Park and do a hike to happy pond.

No 11 – Kamakura:

This is in Kyoto i.e., eastern Japan this place is well known as Buddha resides which gives you awesome positive vibes. You can explore boldness bamboo groves, very old temples, vibing beaches, shopping areas, and delicious local delicacies all these would make you amuse! The top attraction here is the enoshima aquarium, Kamakura literature museum, and Kannon museum.

  • Things to do: See the grand Buddha of Kamakura, do surf at Shonan beach and don’t miss the jufukuji temple.

No 12 – Nagano:

This place is a tropical retreat that beat the heat which is located in the center heart of Japan, this place is well known for kids enjoyment as it holds a gem of places for kids to enjoy like ninja village for kids, zenko-Ji temple, and shinga Kogen ski resort all these be the perfect choice for travelers. Beyond these, you can enjoy a pleasant breeze the throughout year and plan for top attractions like karizawa, Matsumoto castle, and kamikochi.

  • Things to do: Visit the zenko-Ji temple, rejuvenate at shirahone onsen and enjoy skiing at Shiga Kogen heights.

No 13 – Kawaguchi:

This place remains to be the best Japan tourist attractions which holds many natural wonders. However, the city is famous for lake Kawaguchi-ko and to enjoy breathe taking views in front of Mount Fuji. Still, there are more vibrating spots that make you enjoy the trip. This city is been a paradise gem of culture ventures where you can get to know a lot about the culture of Japan. The topmost attraction here is Lake Kawaguchi-ko, fujiten snow resort, and oshino Hakkai.

  • Things to do: You can attend the shibazakura festival, do paddle around lake Kawaguchi-ko and spin on kosher wine.

No 14 – Takayama:

japan tourist attractions

Takayama welcomes all travelers with its old-world charm and with high up mountains of Gifu, these remains to be the best place tourist place in Japan. If you wish to experience an ultimate relief and stay away from city life then this would be a perfect choice. You can have a stunning experience of old charming Japan lifestyle here top most Japan tourist attractions are Hida no Santo, Takayama festival floats exhibition hall, and taste a sanmachi suji.

  • Things to do: After enjoying all the other places, you should go back on time to Takayama jinya, stay in a farmhouse, and attend the Takayama festival.

No 15 – Naoshima:

It is a tiny island which beautifully admits them in the Seto inland sea. This place remains to be one of the best tourist attractions in Tokyo. Naoshima offers a perfect place for the weekend to enjoy in Tokyo. Here there is no limit for museums, sculptures, and architecture modern styled buildings all these created a wide attraction over the island. As the island is far away, you need to travel a long way so it is better to plan for a night stay there. Naoshima is the best destination to enjoy camping in Japan. The topmost attracted place here is the lee ufan museum, business house, and naoshima bath.

  • Things to do: Be ready to witness the fine work of Tadao Ando at the chichu art museum, do visit kojin island to make you get lost in peace and clam and do not fail to witness the exciting nature’s charm of the labyrinth.
  • More Japan tourist attractions: Read more Things to Do in Japan

What is the most beautiful place in Japan?

Thus all the above-mentioned places stay first in the list of the top 30 tourist attractions in Japan. There is also the destination listed below which are the most famous and beautiful places which you can never miss out on your trip to Japan. However, if your trip is short and you think to cover only process places then make sure to choose places which are nearby locations. The majority of places listed here are located near to rear which helps you lot to travel to many places and explore Japan well. Still, you have doubts about choosing places then you can go with Tokoya, Hokkaido, Ishigaki, Kamakura, Takayama, and Kawaguchi. All these places are more exciting and stand out great destination spots for all types of travelers. Whats more do plan a wise trip and get a treat to the eye to visit all these places in real and enjoy nature’s gift!

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