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Texas Tourist Attractions: With plenty of natural and artistic attractions, Texas is considered a world-class destination. It is an unusual state filled with diversity. From the lovely beaches along the gulf coast to the famous Alamo in San Antonio or Dallas World Aquarium for the children, there’s forever an abundance of liveliness and places to keep visitors welcomed.

What are ten tourist attractions in Texas?

If you’re looking for the thrill of fantasy or you wish to relax and rest in the history and art of a slower pace of life, there are some unique places to visit in Texas. Here are some top-rated Texas tourist attractions you want to go to this year:

1: The Alamo:

San Antonio is house to one of the most popular unique places to visit in Texas, the Alamo. It is the place of a former Spanish mission, presently converted into a museum background. With over 4 million tourists every year, it’s one of the most traveled historic sites in the country. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and approved as a National Historic Landmark.

The Alamo Mission or Alamo in San Antonio was established in the early 18th century. Spanish pioneers used it for conducting spiritual missions for regional Native Americans in the iconic Church of Texas Liberty chapel. The mission was later dropped and regained influence during the period of the Texas Revolution.

The place was turned into a military fortress, it’s most familiar for being the place of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Now, the site is open to the people as a museum, enabling visitors to tour around the spots you can visit the church, the Long Barracks, and travel the museum. The museum contains a wide collection of artifacts and describes the history of the Alamo. It’s a Texas tourist attraction that visitors will surely never forget.

2: San Antonio River Walk (Paseo Del Rio):

texas tourist attractions

The story of this river walk goes back to the 16th era when the river was first found and renamed for St. Anthony. This region has observed a lot of change after then, ending in a vibrant social and artistic scene that attracts locals and travelers in crowds.

Riverboats are open for hire, enabling you to take in the past and landscape from a most bizarre vantage point. Parks, museums, and restaurants are simply a handful of the choices awaiting a trip to this beautiful esplanade.

3: Texas State Capitol:

Once upon a time, when it was initially constructed, the Texas State Capitol was announced as the seventh-largest structure in the world. Established in the modern urban locale of Austin, the Capitol building and its areas are open to the public.

The building is a “whispering gallery,” indicating that its acoustics permit even whispers to convey clear across the place. On the spots, monuments like Heroes of the Alamo and Terry’s Texas Rangers memorialize moments of importance in Texas’s history.

4: Dallas World Aquarium:

Found in Dallas, this aquarium highlights many species of endangered creatures and instructs visitors about the value of conservation. Although it’s called an aquarium, it further features a copy of the Orinoco Rainforest. Here, ibises and toucans fly throughout the aviary, and three-toed sloths reside in the trees. Along with the aquarium simulating the river and its different types of wildlife, including crocodiles and electric eels, the tourist gets an awe-inspiring feeling of the rainforest and its miracles.

5: Padre Island National Seashore:

This old national preserve is a 70-mile range of undeveloped coastline on the north side of Padre Island. Sailboarding fans come to Laguna Madre on the island’s west side, and bird lover’s thrill at the view of egrets, cormorants, pelicans, herons, and more. The park comprises beach scenes, dunes, prairies, and tide pools overflowing with marine life. You might still catch a glimpse of a sea tortoise or two. Due to its undeveloped nature, a trip to this park is a lot like walking into the past.

6: Space Center Houston:

The golden age of America’s space plan is on full display at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. Tourists can take in the power of a variety of spacecraft and tools that helped the United States to stretch ahead in the famous Space Race. This is the most beautiful Texas tourist attractions.

One of those is the Mercury 9 capsule, which was the last craft in the Mercury list that introduced manned spaceflight, and other planes from the Apollo and Gemini programs can likewise be found.

There’s also a restored Saturn V rocket, which was utilized to propel spacewalkers out of the atmosphere for decades before the Space Shuttle finally took over.

7: Schlitterbahn Waterpark, New Braunfels:

It gets extremely warm in Texas, so a tour to a waterpark may be exactly what the doctor suggested. The Schlitterbahn Waterpark makes you feel awesome and you can have a great time like whether by floating on an inner tube, waterslide, diving in a wave pool, or riding a water coaster, there’s something for everyone with altering degrees of thrill accessible. The accompanying retreat gives you a comfortable place to relax in between tours to the water park’s wide collection of central Texas tourist attractions.

8: Big Bend National Park:

Big Bend National Park resides along the south-western edge of Texas with the Rio Grande River creating an international border between the Mexico and U.S. Here you will see dramatic differences with dry hot summer at the more moderate elevations and occasionally, cooling temperatures, in the winter.

Together with the 118-mile southern river region, you will see the spectacular canyons of Mariscal, Boquillas, and Santa Elena. Visit the place to explore one of the many beautiful drives or they relish a day hike or a back-country backpacking venture.

From bird viewing to horseback riding, fishing, or river tours, Big Bend National Park has everything for you to enjoy.

There are 5 visitor stations located within the park. The visitor’s hubs offer enlightening interactive displays, river passes, maps, restrooms, supermarkets, bookstores, water faucets, post office, and an amazing amount of data regarding history, culture, and park geology. Not all visitors’ hub has the same facilities, so it’s essential to do your research for going to Big Bend National Park. There are various unique places to visit in Texas other than these places.

9: Moody Gardens and Aquarium, Galveston Island:

Just a look at the corpse flower in this Galveston garden will describe to you that you’re in for something unique.

The gardens are divided into three distinct pyramids: the Aquarium Pyramid, which highlights sharks, seals, and penguins; the Rainforest Pyramid, which features the different flora and fauna of the rainforest ecosystem while including educating on the value of rainforest protection; and the Discovery Pyramid, which treats a rotating list of traveling exhibits.

Additionally, visitors can calm down in the Palm Beach water park or track fun through the sky with the ropes course and Moody Gardens zip line.

10: Fort worth Stockyards National Historic District:

In 1976, the Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District was registered on the National Register of Historic Places, with 46 contributing structures and another building. Now, the Stockyards present a cultural nod to the area’s strong cattle history with various venues for shopping, entertainment, and dining.

When touring the Fort Worth Stockyards you will have a chance to step into the West and get a look of the art that has made this area so widespread.

From brick walkways and wooden corrals to the Stockyards championship rodeo and daily cattle rides, you’ll be capable to embrace the history of the Texas cattle industry.

You’ll discover many excellent dining choices, ranging from Tex Mex to fast food, BBQ, steakhouses, and more. After your meal, you can take in a few actions at Billy Bob’s Texas with its large dance floor, arcade, indoor rodeo arena, and general store.

Other Texas tourist attractions in the area include the Cow town Opry, Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show, and the Stockyards Saloon or allow the kids to try their fortune with a power-driven bull, found right across the street from the Stockyards Station.

What does Texas do for fun?

Finally, the weather’s warming up and everyone’s out of school so it’s approximately a time to begin planning your summer trip. If you’re the kind of person who likes rugged hiking events, relaxing time on the shore, or a light glass of wine, central Texas tourist attractions have everything for you. Certainly, the sky is the border here in the Lone Star State. Tour from the piney jungle of East Texas to the Peak Mountains of West Texas and you’ll reach cities and township of big and small those are abundant of an eternal number of things to view and do.

With so many opportunities, where do you start? No more worries. Here is the list of 60 wondrous things you’ve got to do in Texas this vacation, several of them can be done for free. You’ll have a greater plan of what you can do depending on which corner of the country you choose to visit.

Big Bend Country:

  • Look up at the stars at Big Bend National Park which is a central Texas tourist attraction.
  • Ride on Rim Road in the Franklin Mountains to the beautiful overlook over Juarez and El Paso.
  • Travel to the 8,751-foot-tall Guadalupe Peak in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, the largest natural point in Texas.
  • Travel the old-fashioned vehicles in historic Downtown El Paso.
  • Take a selfie with the popular and large roadrunner, Paisano Pete, in Fort Stockton.
  • Go for a dive in the world’s biggest spring-fed pool at Balmorhea State Park.
  • Play at the spectacular Black Jack’s Crossing Golf to have a great experience.
  • You can find some very old local American rock art in North America at Seminole Canyon State Park.
texas tourist attractions

Gulf Coast:

  • See cute baby turtles scamper to the ocean at a hatchling release at Padre Island National Seashore.
  • Experience the view from the observation tower at the San Jacinto Monument, where Texas got its independence from Mexico.
  • Get a few thrills with your spills at either Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark or Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark on South Padre Island.
  • Go for a dive at Rockport Beach, the first shore in Texas approved as a Blue Wave Beach by the Clean Beaches Coalition.
  • Travel the USS Lexington, a traditional World War II aircraft vehicle in Corpus Christi.
  • Get some fresh seafood directly from the Gulf at a fish market in Seabrook.
  • Take the tram trip at the Johnson Space Center to detect a behind-the-scenes look at space exploration which is a great Texas tourist attraction.
  • Keep an alligator at Gator Country Wildlife Adventure Park in Beaumont.
  • Marvel at the ancient architecture while you visit the restaurants and bars in Galveston’s The Strand Historic District.

Hill Country:

  • Beat the summertime heat at one of these ridiculous swimming pools in the Hill Country
  • Lease a paddle and kayak on the Colorado River in downtown Austin.
  • Take in breathtaking landscapes of Lake Travis while you drive the longest zip line in Texas at Lake Travis Zipline Adventures.
  • Climb, crawl, and explore untouched parts of a wide cave system on the Wild Cave trip at Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown.
  • Walkthrough rows of grapevines at a Texas Hill Country grapes yard.
  • Taste on a pint of Texas-made art beer at one of the factories on the Hill Country Craft Beer Trail.
  • Soak your tooth into a yummy brisket or remove off the bone slabs at The Salt Lick BBQ in Spicewood.
  • Go horse riding and sense like a cowboy at the time you rest at a dude ranch in Bandera.
  • Travel to the summit of Enchanted Rock and appreciate the rolling tree-blanketed foothills of the Hill Country.
  • Feed ostriches and zebras from your car on a safari by Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.
  • Dive or inner pipe down the Guadalupe Rivers or Comal in New Braunfels.
  • Ride the pool slides at New Braunfels’ Schlitterbahn Waterpark & resorts.


  • Behold the Official Bison Herd of the State of Texas travel past unusual rock structures at Caprock Canyons State Park.
  • Relive the history of the Lone Star State at the critically praised Texas Outdoor Musical.
  • Drive on the 72 oz. Steak Challenge at Amarillo’s Big Texan Steak Ranch.
  • Have juicy meat, shop for furniture, and enjoy the nightlife in Amarillo’s Route 66 Historic District.
  • Foam on some sunscreen and explore the ways at Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the second-largest valley in the nation.
  • Tour the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, a gallery committed to the music of one of rock and roll’s settlers.
  • Taste some of the best Texas-made grape wine at one of Lubbock’s four top-class wineries.

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