Top 25 Things to Do in Bangkok

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  • Published Date: January 14, 2023
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As the seasons start to change, you may find the perfect opportunity to visit Thailand’s colorful capital. Bangkok is an incredible city filled with unique landmarks and tourist attractions that you will remember for a lifetime.

Like most big cities on the planet, Bangkok is diverse. You’ll find everything from rich, ornate temples to rural wilderness escapes. Take a trip through the jungle or stay at a five-star resort while you relax and enjoy the sounds of the surrounding nature, untouched by man.

Below, you’ll find 25 of the best things to do in Bangkok. Before visiting Bangkok, be sure to check this list and fill your itinerary with some new and unique adventures!

1. Shop at Siam Paragon

Even though the world is in a global pandemic, there are still plenty of shops and attractions open at Siam Paragon! This place is beyond luxurious; it is known as one of the biggest high-end shopping malls in the world!

Inside Siam Paragon, you’ll find the very best in fashion brands, multiplex cinema avenues, and five-star restaurants. You can easily spend all day in the Lamborghini showroom alone!

2. Dare to Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower

Did you know that in the middle of downtown Bangkok is an unfinished high-rise skyscraper? It was originally going to be built as a complex of high-end condominiums, but a financial crisis hit the city a few years ago and they were unable to finish. But sometimes things work out for the better, as this tower is now one of the best places in the whole city to get a panoramic look at your surroundings. You can pay to climb the abandoned tower and witness the top-floor view for yourself.

3. Try Some Delicious Street Food

If you are only visiting Bangkok for a short time and you are looking for things to do in Bangkok in 2 days, you definitely can’t miss the incredible street food culture. Even during the pandemic, there are still street vendors safely passing out the best delicacies cooked right on the spot.

Bangkok has some of the most popular street food locations in the whole world; if you are passionate about flavors, you have to try this out.

4. Go to a Puppet Show

Puppet shows are a huge part of Thai culture, and you can get a taste of true Bangkok by attending one of these fun shows. In fact, this is one of the most popular things to do in Bangkok if you are a tourist or a family traveler.

5. Take a Tour of the Grand Palace

This is a must-see destination if you are visiting Bangkok for the first time. The Grand Palace is the most popular tourist destination in Bangkok, and you can easily spend all day visiting the historic rooms and hallways.

The Grand Palace was built for the Thai King in 1782, and it functioned for 150 years as both the royal home and the seat of government. Its beautiful architecture and colorful structures draw people to its sights every day.

6. Go to Vimanmek Mansion

Interested in seeing the world’s largest building made of teak wood? If so, stop by Vinanmek Mansion for something cool to see! This is an essential part of visiting Bangkok that you won’t want to miss. It was once a royal house, but it was only used for a short time before it was abandoned. Now, it’s a tourist destination and museum showcasing Bangkok’s history. Be careful, there is a strict no-camera policy in place at the museum!

7. Visit a Floating Market

Want a taste of true, authentic Bangkok? Wondering what to do in Bangkok by yourself? Here’s a unique and creative idea that’s off the beaten path: visit a floating market. You won’t end up in another tourist trap, and you will see the essence of what makes Thai culture great. Watch as local vendors offer a fresh assortment of goods on their boats. Here are 6 floating markets in and around Bangkok for you to check out!

8.  Get a Live Musical Experience on Khao San Road

Ready to experience some of the city’s vibrant nightlife? One of the coolest things to do in Bangkok at night is to take a trip down Khao San Road, where all of the latest and greatest things are happening. There are live musical performances everywhere as well as great places to grab a drink or share a late-night snack.

9. See Animals at Dusit Zoo

The oldest zoo in Thailand is Dusit Zoo, and it has been operating for more than six decades. You can find over 1600 animals in this zoo and museum. Knowing what to do in Bangkok with family, especially with young children, can sometimes be a challenge. Thankfully, this large zoo is open and provides many great spots for family fun.

There is also a working train and an education center so kids can continue the fun all day long!

10. …Or Go to Elephant Nature Park

If the zoo has scratched that wilderness itch, but you want to get even more up close and personal with exotic animals, a nature sanctuary may be the perfect place for you. There are many in Thailand, but Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai near Bangkok is a wonderful and relaxing place. Visit with elephants and enjoy watching them thrive in a lush habitat. You can even get a close look at the babies!

11. Go to Chatuchak Market During the Weekend

If you are determined to pick up some souvenirs and trinkets to commemorate your stay, you have to visit Chatuchak Market on the weekend. To say it is a large market would be an understatement. It’s the world’s largest weekend market, covering over 27 acres of land in Bangkok. There are over 8000 stalls! Needless to say, you can find just about anything and everything in a market this big. Visit Chatuchak Market on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and watch the shopping buzz come to life.

12. Spend a Day at the Bangkok National Museum

Want to learn more about the history of Bangkok and Thailand? The Bangkok National Museum is one of the top things to see in Bangkok if you are visiting the city for the first time. Even if you have visited Bangkok before, it’s worth a second trip. The museum displays gifts given to King Rama V, and the collection has been expanding ever since.

13. Visit Lumpini Park

Want to have a nice relaxing day amidst the pleasant scenery? Lumpini Park will give you something quiet to do when traveling to Bangkok alone or with your partner. The beautiful park is more than 500,000 square meters long and provides a peaceful space in the middle of the city so you can take a break.

14. Watch a Muay Thai Match

Muay Thai isn’t just the national sport of Thailand; it’s a world-renown sport that has tons of fans all over the world. Muay Thai is a special kind of kickboxing that takes fighting to a whole new level. We’ve heard that many free Muay Thai facilities around Thailand offered watered-down versions of original Muay Thai fighting, but in the heart of Bangkok, you can see the real deal. And you don’t have to spend a dime.

15. Ride a Boat on the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River offers stunning views of the city of Bangkok. You can sign up for boat tours or casual boat rides that will take you alongside the scenic riverbanks, giving you a whole new way to experience this city. Some boats even offer dinner services or other luxury comforts to make it a boat ride to remember!

16. Take a Spooky Trip to the Airplane Graveyard

That’s right, there’s a whole airplane graveyard on the outskirts of Bangkok. You’ll find five abandoned airplanes gathering dust and getting overgrown while they sit abandoned in the wild. For a small fee, you can enter this graveyard and explore the wreckage. This might be something fun for someone who is backpacking in Bangkok, or who enjoys finding new and lesser-known trails.

17. Get a Famous Thai Massage

No matter where you live, you have likely heard about famous Thai massages and how relaxing they can feel. Instead of going to your local massage shop to see if they offer a Thai specialty, why not get the real thing in Thailand? Thai massages are abundant in Bangkok and you can find a place that is sure to give you the royal treatment. You’ll feel ten years younger!

18. Start a Water Fight!

Okay, you shouldn’t necessarily start a fight. But if you are in Bangkok between April 13th-15th each year, you’ll be able to celebrate at the Thai New Year festival with lots of water. Buddhists believe that when you spray water on yourself each new year, your bad luck will be washed off. Nowadays, people come with their water guns loaded – they are ready to get soaked!

19. See Wat Arun

Speaking of Buddhism, as the major religion of Thailand, you are bound to see many gorgeous temples dotting the landscape. In fact, there are over 31 thousand Buddhist temples across the nation. Wat Arun is also known as the Temple of Dawn, and it is definitely a sight worth seeing. It is one of the top things to see in Bangkok due to its massive height and ornate golden architecture.

20. Visit the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Wat Pho is home to one of the most famous statues in the world: the Reclining Buddha. This great statue is 15 meters tall and over 46 meters long! That’s half the length of a soccer field!

When visiting Bangkok and Wat Pho, you will notice that the Reclining Buddha has 108 bowls near it. This is because Buddha did 108 acts of positivity to achieve perfection. You can buy coins to place in the bowls if you want to take part in the blessing.

21. Ride the Sky Train Up High

They are called sky trains for a reason – they are way above the streets, roads, and buildings in Bangkok! They are definitely the easiest way to get around the city fast while still looking cool. Not only does being above the traffic give you stunning views of the city, but it also gets you to your destination in a jiffy.

22. Go to Nana Plaza (Adults Only!)

Nana Plaza is not an example of what to do in Bangkok with family. But if you are on your own, or you are with another adult, you might want to check this place out at night. It is known as the world’s largest adult playground, and you will find plenty of different types of adult entertainment. Even just people-watching here will give you some entertainment. Give it a try if you are into that sort of thing.

23. Look at the Jim Thompson House

Jim Thompson was an American businessman who started the Thai Silk Company. His house is situated amongst the trees and lush landscapes of Bangkok and you can visit the now-historical halls for a small fee. Each house is made out of a traditional teak structure to blend in with the surrounding scenery.

24. Eat a Durian

Ah yes, the famous durian fruit. Those who are not from Thailand may find it to be unappealing, smelly, and downright disgusting. But many people also enjoy the look and taste of this hearty fruit. It’s called the “king of fruit” for a reason – it’s huge, it’s plentiful, and it is either really loved or really hated!

25. See Erawan Shrine

Thai culture is rich in its history and significance. You can experience the true heart of Bangkok at a place like the See Erawan Shrine. This is a Brahman shrine that attracts many of Bangkok’s tourists throughout the year. When visiting Bangkok, make sure to visit this beautiful tribute to the Brahma god and spirits.

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